Comel has always believed that to guarantee a complete service and meet quality expectations over time, paint finishes must be applied as part of the manufacturing cycle; accordingly, the paint department has been regularly upgraded and modernized over the years with advanced and innovative powder coating systems. As regards this continual pursuit of the best engineering solution for coating sheet metal components, notwithstanding Comel has two continuous and automatic coating systems still delivering high levels of performance and output, 2014 will see the installation of a new system designed to even higher specifications. The need for a change of system derives from the need to unify mechanical production with powder coating and with subsequent processing steps. Accordingly, during 2012-2013 a new building with 17500 m2 of floor space was erected, destined to house the new powder coating system, the assembly and finishing departments, and stores. With the new system, even higher performance is achieved in terms of quality and flexibility. To enhance the surface finish of products for which visual impact is especially important, Comel utilizes a Costa honing machine that will remove the majority of blemishes left by mechanical processing operations. Where products require a special surface treatment, such as hot dip or cold dip galvanizing, polishing, shot-peening, barrel finishing or the like, Comel outsources the work to qualified and certified suppliers.

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